Retrofit Control Device

Retrofit Control Device (REF - 8000 Series)

REF - Control devices to monitor the healthiness of the RECD (Retrofit EmissionControl device), monitors the continuously the Pressurelevel & temperatures of the RECD with visible alarm indication. Online enable REF Control devices with Internet and cloud-based options are available with an optional, it enables else to view the pressure and temperature levels, in the web-based application and it alerts the user through emails so that the user can act immediately for preventive actions.

Exhaust Aftertreatment

Romania developed the emission control devices (retrofit) for diesel fuel-based generator sets and marine, we have developed an exhaust after-treatment system for engines up to 800M. From the processing effect, it can be divided into:

  • DPF-: lt mainly deals with PM (smoky particles) components in exhaust gas.
  • DOC-: lt mainly deals with CO and HC (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon) components in the exhaust gas.
  • SCR-: lt mainly deals with NOX (nitrogen oxide) components in exhaust gas.

Temperature & Pressure Sensors

  • Temperature Sensors-: There will be two Temperature sensors in the retrofit device to measure the temperatures at the different locations.
  • Temperature Sensors 1-: Detect whether the temperature before DPF reaches the target regeneration temperature @ 200 Deg. C.
  • Temperature Sensors 2-: temperature after DPF to prevent the regeneration temperature from being too high and causing damage to the DPF carrier